Trinity Bible Fellowship, Bremerton

Services & Location

Mens Fellowship

Meets at Barnes & Noble Starbucks located in the Silverdale Mall.

Meeting Time: Monday's at 7:00 pm.

Food Ministry

Supplying food for those in need.

 Contact : Duane & Maggie Haydock at [email protected] for more information.

Ladies Lunch

Women's Fellowship and Encouragement

Contact : 

T.A.L.C. Ministries

T.A.L.C. Ministries, is an all ages Bible Study that teaches you how to defend the Christian faith, Evangelism, and Outreaches.

Contact : Pastor Mitch Pappas at [email protected] or Chris McCarthy at [email protected] for more infromation.

Men's Breakfast

The Men's Breakfast fellowship meets the last Saturday of the month at Will Grindstaff's house, 

Contact : Will Grindstaff at [email protected], for more information.

Women's Bible Study

We meet every Monday evening at 7:00 pm. 

Contact : Kim McCarthy at [email protected], for more information.

Bible Study

Every Thursday evening at 7:00 pm. The ladies of the Church get together to study God's word.

Contact : Kai Kreher at [email protected] for more information.

TBF Care Ministry

TBF Prayer Ministry

Prayer is an important part of our Church, if your need of prayer please let us know.

Contact : Tim Runyan at [email protected] for your prayer needs.